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Home Care Services

As our country's population continues to enter their golden years in record numbers the need for home care services has been recognised and debated. In the past, families were faced with few choices when their loved ones needed care. Fortunately, in the last several decades clinicians and other healthcare professionals have recognised the health and well-being benefit to receiving care while remaining in the comfort of home. Home care is finally being not only recognised, but celebrated as the preferred option for many in lieu of the traditional institutionalised care approach from years past.

At Clifton Homecare it is our mission to serve our elderly, disabled, and otherwise in need clients in a comprehensive and compassionate manner. In addition to our caregiving services delivered in the comfort of our client's home, we believe in coordinating the full spectrum of care services available in the community to aid our clients in securing the best possible outcome for their health and well-being.



When a client begins service with Clifton Homecare a full assessment of needs will be completed and a care plan will be implemented to address each of the needs identified. As part of this process, Clifton Homecare will assist each client in identifying additional care services in their community. Some of the care services Clifton Homecare can help our clients and their loved ones find education and guidance on are:

Respite hours for family caregivers

Power of attorney assignment

Estate planning

Benefits; Clifton Homecare have a supply of Attendance

  Allowance forms & we will help you complete these if you so wish

Senior social events

• Blue Badge application

Navigating through the myriad of care services available in the community can often be cumbersome and confusing. For help in identifying the best care service options for you or your loved one, call Clifton Homecare today and let us ease some of the burden.



If you or someone you know is struggling with the care of a loved one and would like to better understand the options for home care, do not hesitate to call Clifton Homecare today to learn about how we can be of help.


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Tel: 01253 722945